Lost In The Magic
Completely lost in the magic of you,
vowing you will always love me too.
Strolling on this moonlit beach alone,
here with the only love I have known.

Looking again at the stars in the sky,
taking in their beauty as time goes by.
The smell of flowers fill the night air,
a breeze softly blows through my hair.

Stopping a moment just to embrace,
spending time you canít ever replace.
Two lips meet gently in a loving kiss,
forgetting the rest of the world exists.

For now enjoying this special night,
while two hearts share loves delight.
Do you think others feel like we do,
lost in the magic under skies of blue.

The ocean flows in the background,
waves upon the sand the only sound.
Standing together by an ocean shore,
wanting more of our love to explore.

Stars above fill all of the night skies,
treasuring memories, we will realize.
Certain of the feelings I have for you,
knowing our love will see us through.

Too soon a moonlight night will end,
but so grateful for the time we spend.
Knowing each morning we can share,
nurturing once more this love so rare.

© Brenda Sparkman
March 16, 2006

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