A Letter To Our Son

Today at work your Dad got a letter from you,
But when he saw the letter he didnít know what to do.
The return address from an Oregon Correctional Facility,
Right there up in the left corner very plain to see.
Inside a handbook for the Oregon Department of Corrections.
Printed on eight long pages with all of the directions.
A note written on the front, a message short and very blunt.
The note didnít start out, ďHi, Mom and Dad.Ē
And coming from our son it made us both very sad.
No reason given for why you were locked behind a gate,
For this information we would both have to wait.
Your Dad came home that day your letter in his hand.
His shoulders completely slumped, he didnít have a plan.
Your Dad reluctantly handed your letter to me,
Knowing it was something he didnít want me to see.
The shock, the total disbelief, how do I explain,
What are we to do, how were we to deal with this pain.
I looked at the pages completely numb when I was through,
How could something like this have happened to you?
You were in trouble once again,
This time though sentenced to the Oregon State Pen.
You had punched another man in the face,
The police didnít know it but they were in for a race.
They chased after you with several police cars in pursuit,
Even tried putting down tack strips and used a K-9 to boot.
You were taken into custody, although against your will,
God had to be watching over you it amazes me still.
You had been drinking that day and doing lots of drugs,
And recently hanging out with all kinds of thugs.
These drugs of yours which meant so much,
You know the ones that helped you get out of touch.
ďDid they really help you, did you really get away?Ē
ďOr didnít you realize the price you would have to pay?Ē
Thank God, you were in such terrible shape that day,
No need for an ambulance or hearse to take you away.
You tell us now you finally realize what you have done,
You say youíre going to change, the drugs havenít won.
We want so much to believe you, Son, we really do,
Do you have any idea as your parents what we went through?
Please, for your children and yourself turn your life around,
Because believe it or not true happiness still can be found.
We would like to know when our time here on earth is done,
That we tried everything we could think of to help our son.
You must know we donít care what you say or do,
Son, your Dad and I will never stop loving you.

© Brenda Sparkman
January 2004

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