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Please come in and sit for awhile. I hope you will enjoy the poems I have written. I feel they are for everyone and if you should happen to find yourself in one of my poems, then maybe I was able to say it the right way. Some of my poetry is written about my life experience or someone I know, others are founded in my strong spiritual faith and the rest are from a wonderful and vivid imagination.

It's now been over six years since I started my poetry site here on the web, trying to share with friends and family, the poems I have written. Always with the hope they will bring comfort to those who need it and for others to know someone does understand what they may have been through. During this time I have been blessed to meet people from all over the world. Were it not for the encouragement of each of you, the dream of sharing my poetry would never have been possible.

My greatest thanks go to God for the gift he gave me and to Jim, my husband, who has always been there for me and never stop believing in me and a special thanks to my dear friend Sue, if not for her tenacity, love and undying belief in my gift none of this would have ever happened, she made me take down the wall.

I hope you enjoy your stay while you are here and in some way I will touch your life or make you pause, think or reflect through one of my poems. I hope you will enjoy what is here and will come back to visit again soon. To all of you who visit here with me, I wish you love, peace and happiness. There are so many wonderful people I have met on the internet. I thank you, from my heart, for all of your warm and caring letters you have written to me.





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